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Will American Men Ever Escape?

A lot of guys see me traveling the world, and they say stuff like – “God d@mn Danny, you know, you’re kind of a weird guy

Then I say “Yeah, I am a weird guy, but I’m very confident in who I am. And I’m not afraid to be the person that I want to be”

That’s the problem that a lot of us have – we feel like we have to “fake” who we are

For a lot of the guys who are reading this- there’s probably some stuff about you that’s kind of different that some people might think is weird, right?

Ya know, as a black man, I’ve felt a lot of pressure to act a certain type of way

And I’ve felt pressure to hide that stuff about me that my “black culture” wouldn’t consider to be “cool”

But the truth is, if you fake who you are for long enough, you might end up living a fake life (that means a life that isn’t of your own choosing)

You’ll be a lot happier in life when you stop pretending to be someone that you’re not, and you let the real you show

If you want help building confidence to be yourself, one book that can really help you is “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck” by Mark Manson

One of the concepts in the book is to “Stop seeking constant validation”

It talks about how wanting approval from others can lead to anxiety and unhappiness

(which a lot of people feel when they are pretending to be someone they’re not).

So instead of trying to fit in with a-holes, you gotta find ways to make yourself feel satisfied with your life, in a way that has nothing to do with other people

In the book he has something called the “Do Something” principle

This principle says you should do something so you aren’t sitting around waiting for other people’s approval

That means that you gotta get off your a**, go out there, and go make something happen, bro

That “something” could be hobbies (I personally like going to art exhibitions and working out), or even going out and building something like a website or business

Another book that you might find helpful is called “High Probability Selling”

This is a business and sales book, but the guidelines that it offers can be very helpful for those who want to be who they want in life

(and to also get rid of the a-holes that are trying to make them pretend to be something they aren’t)

One of the important concepts in the book is that “Authenticity is Key”

In the book it talks about how being yourself can greater help you find what you are looking for

And how its’ not worth your time to try to hide your true colors or manipulate others into trying to buy what you are selling

Think about it- it takes a lot of work and effort to pretend to be something you’re not to get people to like you

It’s much easier to be who you wanna be, and then just hang around people who vibe with what you’ve got going on.

The book makes the point that you gotta be willing to “embrace rejection”

If what you have is high quality, not everyone is gonna be interested in buying….

….but you’ll eventually find people who want to buy what you are selling

So if you are a high quality person, maybe not everyone will want to be around you or spend time with you

But some people will!

And this is very important for being who you want to be in life, because you gotta be OK with some people not liking you, man.

You might “screen out” a lot of people who don’t agree with you and your life.

But you will eventually find that group of people who like you and what you do.

And when you realize that you can show the world who you really are, and you’ll still find people who support you and want you in their circle

That will give you a lot of confidence when you’re walking out here in these streetz, dawg.

So for me, yeah… I realize I’m a weird guy compared to what some people might expect from an American black guy

And I know some people won’t want to be around me or hangout with me because of that

But I know there’s a lot of people out there who DO vibe with what I’ve got going on.

So I can confidently say to the people who don’t like me, “Man f*#k off pu$$y n!gga.”

And then go hangout with y’all cool guys who like me for me and like reading my newsletters 😎

So, yeah, that’s all I wanted to say today

Hopefully this newsletter gave you some confidence to go out there and show the real you

Remember: There’s only one you bro.

Don’t waste your potential trying to pretend to be someone that you’re not.


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