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Does White Skin Always Wins in Asia?

When it comes to how white men do with Asian women, I tend to most often hear (from men) that Asian women worship white men and their holy white skin. The general belief seems to be that all you need is white skin, and all of your Asian dating problems will disappear.

On the other hand, when it comes to what I hear people saying about black men and Asian women, I tend to hear two extreme positions. One (particularly loud) group says that black men are hated by Asian women because of our dark skin, and that we are their last choice:

While another group is convinced that Asian women (and, really all women!) are mesmerized and addicted to the superior BBC slong that most black guys are supposedly packing. I saw this comment under a video of a black guy and his Thai girlfriend:

This guy is super cringe, and I’m pretty sure he bangs fat chicks. Anyways, his comments reflect how most people approach these topics with very little objectivity, and a lot of narcissism….

I try to take a more balanced view on this whole “skin tone and Asian women” discussion. Yeah, it seems to be true that, in China and most parts of Asia, European/white facial features and white skin are preferred over African features and darker skin.

But European facial features and skin tone are just ONE aspect of how a woman judges a man’s attractiveness. Things like muscle size, height, etc. could easily give a black guy the leg up over the average white guy (personally, I think my combination of muscle size and slightly above-average height has helped me score with more than my fair share of chicks)

Attraction is complex (especially when we are talking about how to attract women), and it’s not as simple as “be (x) and the girls will happily ride on and suck your (y)”. And one thing you gotta realize is that just because a person has an advantage over you (in this case, that advantage could be European facial features over your African features), that doesn’t guarantee that they are gonna be more successful than you.

I mean, there are people in America (arguably the richest most powerful country in the world) who are broke or with a negative net worth. Meanwhile there are people in poor countries who make less than $5 a day who have more money saved up than Americans! Having a leg-up on somebody doesn’t ensure that you are going to always cross the finish line first.

Anyways, if you want to attract women with your appearance, it helps to maintain and max out what you have (and making sure you use high-quality health and skin products to maintain your appearance is SUPER important when it comes to longevity. So make sure you keep your products handy with you when you are traveling).

And don’t overlook the importance of hitting the weights regularly, and avoiding physique-destroying toxins like beer and junk food. Chances are you’ve got some pretty useful West African athlete genetics buried inside of you…. so you might as well use them!


P.S. By the way, if you ever need evidence that being white isn’t enough to pull chicks in China, here’s a funny video of a white guy getting rejected at a Chinese marriage market: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C30ge5xsChq/

P.P.S. Here’s a short video (less than 60 seconds) that I made on this topic. It sparked a lot of heated conversation in my Instagram comments section!