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Is the American Bubble Real in the Philippines?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in an ‘American bubble’ while traveling abroad?

Well, travel to the Philippines, and you’ll find out!

First, let’s talk about the food in the Philippines…

Local food in the Philippines has kind of a crappy reputation (it’s generally super salty and sour). You’ll probably prefer to eat foreign food for most of your time there – that’s what I did!

And, the women you’ll meet in the big city – those women likely speak English and, for better or worse, know a lot about American culture

The biggest nightclubs felt like they took a page out of Dubai’s playbook, cramming the dancefloor to capacity with foreigners (and very few locals, besides the ones working there….)

For you guys who are set in your ways and don’t want to have to make any big changes, the Philippines could be a great choice for you!

What are your experiences with cultural bubbles abroad? Do you like to adapt to foreign cultures, or do you prefer living an American life overseas?


P.S. Want to see what I mean? Watch this quick video where I dive deeper into these experiences, right in front of what might just be the best American restaurant in Asia!