Stay Stress-Free While Traveling The World

The TravaLux toiletry bag easily holds your grooming essentials, and is ideal for travel and daily life use

Join us as we help the traveling man maintain his peace of mind and stay stress-free overseas

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Estimated arrival time- the bag should arrive within 7 days of ordering

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It Holds Everything You Need To Stay Looking Sharp

Easily Bring This Premium-Quality Leather Bag With You On Your Global Travels

Travel Bros Are Loving The TravaLux!


Coach Nelson

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium quality vegetable tanned cow leather.

The bag is 11 in. length x 5.5 in. width x 4 in. height (28 cm length x 14cm width x 10.5cm height). So it should comfortably fit into most luggages and carryons. Please check with your airline to confirm the size allowances for bags.

Vegetable tanned leather is not waterproof, but the leather should easily recover from most small water splashes.

There are many ways to take care of vegetable tanned leather. One option is using a leather conditioner made specifically for moisturizing vegetable tanned leather. Danny’s personal favorite method is to use a light coating of vaseline to moisturize the leather every few months. One thing to keep in mind is that, over time, the leather’s skin develops a unique patina texture based on where and how it’s touched. This means that the more you use your bag, the more it will begin to resemble something that only someone like you would use- the bag of a globetrotting king.

Because we are a start-up, we can only offer exchanges for bags that are defective on arrival (the bag had something wrong with it when it arrived to you). Currently we do not offer refunds for buyers remorse.

You can expect the bag to arrive within 7 days of your placing your order. It is difficult to predict exactly when the bag will arrive at your doorstep due to supply chain complications related to COVID 19.

Yes, happily! We will cover the cost of shipping to you, and it is your responsibility to handle any customs fees or duties that may be charged (Whether or not you will have customs fees or duties depends on the country you are shipping to. Our US – based customers typically don’t have any fees)

Show The World Your Best Self

Join the travel guys who are living their best (stress-free!) lives overseas

When you get off that plane, you want to make sure that you are showing the world your best self

It’s not always easy going to a new country. It can be overwhelming and stressful preparing everything you need for your trip

The TravaLux makes your journey a lot smoother, so you can bring the tools you need for looking your best.

See how easily this bag makes your travels and daily life. You are going to want to have it with you whenever you get on the plane.

We’re just like you! And we are happy to help travelers like us to keep being the best version of ourselves while traveling the globe


Danny Dixon (Dixonskii)
CEO & Founder of Luxology Lifestyle

Design Details

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Luxology Lifestyle is a brand made for global travelers by global travelers. We specifically design our products for making your travel lifestyle easier, more convenient, and stylish. You’ll be proud to travel with your Luxology product.

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