Asia Travel Consultation Service

It can be overwhelming traveling to a new country (especially a gigantic country like China!). To assist you in your adventure, I’m here to provide you tailored information and secrets that I can’t share publicly. Schedule a time, and let’s talk!


What I Do

I Use My 10 Years Of Experience Living In And Traveling Around Asia To Give You The Information I Wish I Had When I First Came Here!

Unlocking Asia: Tailored Advice for Navigating Cultures, Connections, and New Beginnings. Let’s make your Asian journey as rewarding and memorable as possible.

Spending a decade in Asia has armed me with insights and practical tips that I’m eager to share, aiming to enhance your experience. From uncovering local secrets to navigating the unique dating culture, I offer tailored advice to help you immerse fully into Asian life.

I provide guidance on the subtleties of building relationships in Asia, coupled with navigating through the essentials like visa processes and settling in. These insights are designed to simplify your transition, making it more enjoyable and less daunting.

If you’re planning to explore or settle in Asia and wish to avoid common pitfalls, let’s connect. I’m here to ensure your journey is not just about travel but about enriching life experiences, making each challenge a stepping stone to success.

Ongoing Travel Support & Resources

Embarking on your adventure to Asia doesn’t mean going it alone.

Through my Asia Travel Consultation Service, you’ll receive personalized advice and resources tailored to your journey, including:

Essential Resources: Unlock a treasure trove of insights, from local etiquette guides to must-know phrases, ensuring you’re prepared from day one.

Expert Feedback: Get personalized feedback on navigating cultural nuances, making connections, and adjusting to lifestyle changes, alongside practical advice for day-to-day living.

Follow-Up Correspondence: Your journey’s success is my priority. Enjoy continuous support with follow-up emails to tackle any new questions or challenges you encounter.

“My name is Adrian Troublefield, founder and CEO of Lifestyleboyz and Lifestyle University. Over the past year of living overseas and managing multiple online ventures, I’ve encountered numerous challenges and opportunities.

Within our Lifestyleboyz community, Danny stands out for his depth of knowledge and willingness to share insights on China, Asian cultures, and expat life.

His valuable contributions have significantly enhanced our understanding and adaptation to life abroad, enriching our collective experience and supporting members like my brother in navigating their own journeys overseas.

Danny’s expertise and generosity with knowledge have not only deepened our collective insights into Asian cultures but also facilitated a smoother transition for those embarking on life abroad.

I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Danny’s consultation services for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of traveling or relocating to China and neighboring Asian countries.

His guidance is invaluable for men seeking to broaden their horizons and pursue opportunities overseas.

Adrian Troublefield, founder and CEO of Lifestyleboyz and Lifestyle University

About Flight Madness

Flight Madness​ was founded as a men’s travel brand, and has grown to be a leader in helping men to live their best life overseas.

We offer exclusive information and resources for men who want to live their best international life, and we’ve happily freed many men from the chains of their old life.

Flight Madness​ is based in China, and we help men make their dreams come true worldwide

Our Goal

“To empower men to live their most fulfilling lives by exploring the vast and vibrant continent of Asia“

We aim to provide the knowledge and support needed to navigate this rich cultural landscape, fostering personal growth, adventure, and connection. Through our services, we help demystify the complexities of relocating, engaging with diverse cultures, and finding joy in the everyday.

By offering insights into local customs, lifestyle tips, and essential travel strategies, we aspire to open doors to new experiences, friendships, and opportunities for personal and professional development.

It’s about more than just travel; it’s a journey towards discovering your potential and crafting an extraordinary life filled with exploration, discovery, and the joy of living abroad. Join us in this transformative adventure, and let’s embrace the endless possibilities that await in Asia.

Consultation Guarantee

Excited to embark on your adventure to China or other parts of Asia?

Here’s some great news for you: the insights and advice you’ll gain from our consultation will provide value that FAR EXCEEDS the cost of the session! By avoiding common pitfalls and leveraging my expertise, you’ll save time, money, and effort in your journey, making your investment essentially free in the medium to long run 😃💰

You’ll find two consultation options below ⬇️: The “Ultimate Travel Mentorship Package” offers four total hours of (1 hour) calls at a substantial discount, perfect for those who want in-depth guidance and continued assistance. Alternatively, the “Quickstart Session” is a single one-hour call packed with actionable tips and strategies to kickstart your adventure.

Select the option that aligns best with your travel goals and get ready to maximize your experience abroad! ✈️

Ultimate Travel Mentorship Package

Four 1 Hour Calls
  • Personal Detailed Approach
  • 4 One-Hour sessions
  • Ask Me Anything Travel Related
  • Dating Strategies: Unlock the secrets of understanding how to approach and seduce women in Asia.
  • Local Lifestyle Insights: Gain insider knowledge to live like a king, from dining to entertainment.
  • Custom Travel Itineraries: Personalized travel plans that match your interests and lifestyle goals.
  • Safety and Etiquette Tips: Essential advice to navigate Asia safely while respecting cultural norms.
  • Language Learning Resources: Tools and tips to tackle language barriers and enhance communication.
  • Networking Opportunities: Strategies to build valuable connections and friendships across the continent.
  • Adventure and Leisure Planning: Discover the best activities and experiences to make your stay unforgettable. Pitfalls: Tips to identify and avoid unfavorable schools and contracts.
  • Settling In Support: Practical guidance on accommodation, local services, and setting up your new life in Asia.

Quickstart Travel Session

One 1 Hour Call
  • You have your questions ready and I answer them
  • 1 Hour
  • Ask Me Anything Travel Related