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Travelers Got Beef?!

A lot of guys see me online having a good time with my girlfriend, and they think that life is all good….

But in reality, they don’t know it’s a lot of BEEF out here in these streets, dawg!

One thing that you may notice is that (especially in the mostly black male travel groups), a lot of us guys like to put each other down

And be straight up confrontational with each other!

It’s almost like a lot of us are conditioned to have beef and altercations with each other

Some of the back and forth between guys is just normal human behavior

It’s normal for men to have disagreements, and then voice their disagreements with each other

But there seems to be a special kind of hatred that us men like to throw at each other when we see someone traveling overseas and living a great life with beautiful women

A lot of us were raised in an environment where it’s normal to talk down to each other.

I think a lot of us have internalized this negative of dealing with each other

And we spit that out at each other…. even when we’re overseas!

One thing about living on this planet, is that we gotta be able to communicate with each other effectively, and handle disagreements

Because disagreements are GONNA come up

(Especially between us black men, as a lot of us are just SUPER disagreeable and love to fight each other!)

One book that helps with effective communication is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

This is a REALLY popular book in the business and self-help community, because it teaches the foundations of what you need to be a really cool guy.

To give you an example, one of the reasons that so many people loved Bill Clinton, is because he’s the kind of guy who has mastered a lot of the stuff in this book.

Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

One concept from the book is “Give Honest And Sincere Appreciation”

The book talks about how we all really like it when someone shows that they appreciate something about us, that they notice it.

It makes us feel all good inside

So, when you look at someone, try to notice one thing about them that you really like, that you think is really good, and let them know about it.

And try to make that compliment specific

For example, when you see me, you might say “D*mn Danny, you looking fresh today. Got that crispy white t-shirt, man. You been working out bro?”

(D*mn right I’ve been working out!!)

Maybe you see one of the homies in Thailand, and he’s having a good time on walking street

You might say something like “All right, I see ya big dawg! Out in the club throwing them hunnids. Making it rain on da h*es”

Everybody loves that kind of supportive acknowledgment

To sum it all up, instead of seeing each other as enemies, we’ve got to see each other as collaborators

It’s well known in successful circles that your network is your net worth

So if you build up a community around yourself of positive and supportive individuals, you can’t help but benefit!

See you next time

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