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They’re Talking About You….

If you’re reading this, you probably are the kind of guy who gets attention very easily

You stand out from others, because you’re different

You think differently, and your actions separate you from others

And we all know that people who stand out often get talked about

You’ve probably had your fair share of haters say things about you behind your back…

Especially once they find out that you are traveling overseas exploring your life options!

It’s easy to say you don’t care what others think….but it’s another thing to live like it!

When I was younger, I was SUPER unconfident and scared of being judged

Bands make her dance?

I cared WAY too much about what other people thought about me

Then, as I got older, I kinda learned to just not give a f@#k

I kinda took it too far…becoming a complete weirdo outcast with no friends 😅😅

I don’t recommend taking it that far…

You still have to fit in with society, or you are gonna have a hard time being successful in life

A good question to ask – why would we want to NOT care what other people think?

Because sometimes people have negative ideas and beliefs that can infect you

You might even be afraid to do what you want in life because you may be judged harshly by others

Thankfully there are things that we can all do to limit the control that people have over us

#1 – Know Who To Listen To And Who To Ignore

There are a lot of people whose words and advice you should IGNORE

But there are DEFINITELY very successful and thoughtful people that you should follow the advice of

If you’re lucky, you have access to this group of friends or mentors

(Maybe you know them in-person, through the internet, or even through books)

They should be really successful in an area of life that means a lot to you

Respect these people. Pay close attention to their words. Ponder their advice

And ignore everybody else

#2 – Build Self-Reliance

In The 50th Law, there’s a chapter that tells the story of 50 cent, and how he didn’t have friends or family he could rely on

From a young age he basically had to hustle and rely on himself for his survival

For 50 that meant selling illegal narcotics and busting guns at his enemies

Because he only had himself to depend on, he developed a strong work-ethic and confidence. This allowed him to overcome whatever obstacles came in his way

A lot of us are lucky that we don’t come from an environment where we gotta sell that dope, spin the block, and run down on the opps….

But pretty much all of us can benefit from self-reliance.

When you have the skills to get the things you want in life, its a lot easier to block out the words and opinions of others

And you’ll have a lot more freedom

#3 – See People As They Are

A lot of people hide behind a mask

And some may try to downplay their insecurities by judging and criticizing others

You’ve probably encountered some of these bullies and a-holes in your life

Maybe these are some people that you grew up around….

They spent their time tearing down others, rather than building them up

Usually these types of people have some kind of deep unhappiness in their life. And they make themselves feel better by making others miserable

And you might see that these types of people usually end up with a terrible life when they get older….

On the outside they seemed so tough and confident… while inside they were a mess of weakness and confusion

P*ssy N*gga Revealed

Now imagine how many other people that spew vile on the internet are also hiding deep insecurities and unhappiness

Once you are able to cut people down to size and see their true colors, it’s a lot easier to not take their opinions so seriously

“This clown is trying to talk down to me? Ha!”

The perfect response for someone who isn’t worth a response


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