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There’s Always Some Bullsh*t!!

It can be easy to think that moving overseas will solve all of your problems….

Actually there are still things that can cause you to be stressed-out….

…even while you are overseas sipping from coconuts!

Recently I was in Thailand, a place which is like a small slice of paradise

Being in a place like Thailand, it’s a lot f*cking easier to live a stress-free lifestyle

But there’s still some things you can do to make sure your time overseas is stress-free

(1) Adjust Your Expectations

Some guys expect to travel overseas and get “King Treatment”

As if the world revolves around them and their desires…..

Humans are selfish, and everyone has their own stuff to deal with

Keep this in mind: Nobody gives a f*ck about you (unless you make them)

A quote from the famous Roman Stoic Marcus Aurelius comes to mind here:

That’s how it is – people have their own sh*t to deal with, and they are focused on THEMSELVES and not you

If you aren’t directly helping someone’s life, don’t expect for them to care about you and your well-being

I have pretty low expectations of other people – I don’t expect them to treat me nicely or fairly

It actually makes me feel happily surprised when random people (who I’ve done nothing for) give me good treatment…..

When you adjust your expectations, you will notice a lot of your stress melting away

(2) Expect Bullsh*t!

Never expect everything to go perfectly

Especially when you are doing something new (like traveling to a new place)

This was my first time traveling outside of China in 4 years since the Big C took over the world

China is really strict about who can enter the country, and their flight restrictions can be kind of a pain in the a*s

Basically, I didn’t know if I’d be able to successfully leave the country

And I didn’t know if I’d be able to go back in after leaving……

I did the best I could – I studied the rules for going in and out of China, and followed them

For example, it was recommended that I have a 48 hour health test to re-enter the country

And then, after making sure I met the requirements, I left everything in the hands of fate

It was up to the universe to decide whether my flight to Thailand (and return to China) would be successful

Thankfully, it was!

It’s natural that unexpected and unplanned things will occur in life.

One of the best solutions you have to this is to make a plan, and be proactive about making sure that plan is successful

Plan to the best of your abilities (while expecting unexpected bullshit), so you won’t be completely thrown off when you meet those situations.

And be pleasantly surprised when bullshit doesn’t happen, and things go according to plan

(3) Don’t Be A Dumba*s

I saw a livestream on BMT Travels Youtube channel

A guy on there was talking about how he likes to go to the hoods of Colombia and hangout there….

Pretty idiotic, and hilarious, because it shows the lengths that some guys will go through to f*ck up their lives

Why travel the globe to put yourself in situations where your life could be taken in an instant?

Don’t be like that dumba*s

Make smart decisions, guys

-> Surround yourself with motivated trustworthy people

-> Fill your brain with high-quality information (like this newsletter!)

-> Go out there and achieve a higher standard of living for yourself

You’ll be glad you did

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