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The Freaky Truth About Your Body Overseas

Hey, my fellow travelers!

One thing that I’ve noticed is that my health is a LOT better ever since I left America

When I was in the states, even though I exercised almost every day, I still felt heavy and sluggish

And I also had a lot of mental stress that came from daily responsibilities and butting heads with people/a-holes that I didn’t like

When I came to China, my lifestyle took a definite upgrade, as I was walking more (often walking to the grocery store to buy fresh foods)

Not to mention I also don’t encounter as many a-holes on a daily basis….

People who I’ve done consultations with have remarked that my skin is “glowing”

Looking in the mirror, it kind of feels like I’ve slowed down the aging process…or maybe even stopped it! 😄

Not gonna lie – I DO spend a lot of time and energy investing into my health and physical appearance. Bringing my toiletries with me everywhere I go has definitely helped with looking my best for these foreign ladies

But it’s also that my overall lifestyle is something like a 1000% healthier outside of American than it ever was inside

What do you think? Have you experienced any health benefits from traveling? Are you looking to take your lifestyle to the next level with a change of countries? Respond to this email and let me know!


P.S. I made a YouTube short on this topic. If you have a moment, click on it and give it a watch

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