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The Dangers of Lone Wolf Traveling

Hey My Fellow Travelers

So a lot of us are out here catching flights and living overseas by ourselves. But, ya know, it’s not always easy living this lone wolf travel lifestyle

I’ve been seeing a lot of crazy stuff in the media happen to some people who travel by themselves. Somehow they end up caught up in some pretty dangerous situations. So I think it’s time for us to talk about this topic

Now I’ve been on my own overseas for almost 10 years now, and I’ve managed to mostly stay out of trouble this entire time. Let me give y’all some game on how I do it

So, first of all, you gotta have self-reliance, man. One book that teaches the importance of self-reliance is “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius, one of the most powerful and well-respected Roman emperors.

One key lesson from this book is that you should focus on what you can control, and avoid wasting time on things you can’t control. And the things we can control are our thoughts, attitudes, and actions.

You might not be able to control all the craziness that life throws at you, especially when you are living this overseas lifestyle, but you can control your reaction to it. And being proactive and learning skills can help prevent a lot of the problems that travelers may experience overseas

For those of you traveling or living in countries where they don’t speak English, one skill you can work on developing is your language skills.

One thing you guys might not know about me is that I spent over 6 years learning Chinese.

Learning Chinese helped me get into a lot (!!) of fun situations I would have never experienced if I didn’t spend time studying it. And it also helped me avoid some sticky situations

I would say at least 80% of the trouble that I’ve seen people get into can be avoided if they at least spoke some of the local language.

Now it’s up to you if you want to put in the effort to learn some of the language of that country that you are living in, but just know that speaking even some basic phrases in that country will help you avoid a lot of nasty situations, and also make some friends

Now this next lesson comes from a book called “It’s not all about me” by Robin Dreeke, a former FBI agent.

The author of this book has some serious credentials. He used to work for the FBI and was training spies on how they could use their social skills to get information on people like foreign government officials, military generals from an enemy countryya know, super high level secret government stuff, man.

So this guy probably knows what he is talking about

The lesson I want us to get from this book is that it is VERY important to understand the social dynamics for the country that you are in. Even if you don’t like to surround yourself with other people, you still need to be able to understand them, man.

Ya know we all live on this planet together, so even if you don’t really like people, you gotta know how to handle them. A key lesson from this book is that you need to show respect and appreciation for whoever you are dealing with.

So here’s the thing- nobody likes being disrespected, a lot of people have pride – not only pride in themselves, but also in their culture. Ya know, I live in China, and believe it or not, there are some things about China and Chinese culture that don’t really rub me the right way.

But you’re probably NEVER gonna hear me say anything bad about China, because, the point is that I’m over here living in their country. So even though there may be some things that I don’t agree with 100%, who am I to come over to someone else’s country and tell them how live and criticize their way of life, ya know?

So, the way I see it, as long as what happens here doesn’t affect me too much, I’m just gonna let it slide

For #3, Stay Vigilant and Prepared

Look man, it’s a crazy world we live in. When you’re out here in these motherf*#king streets, dawg, you gotta keep your head on a swivel sometimes

That means staying aware of your surroundings, and being careful that you don’t get caught up in any scams. Ya know, back before the war in Ukraine, I would hear of men traveling to Ukraine getting tricked and scammed out of tons of money.

Basically women would seduce these guys into coming into their bar, the guys would think they are taking them on a date, and then when it’s time to leave, the guy would find that he’s been charged a ton of money for stuff that he didn’t even order, like a ton of drinks and stuff. And the owners of the bar would lock the door and threaten to whoop the guy’s a$s if he didn’t pay up.

So scams like that can be common overseas, so you gotta be careful in these foreign streets, man. Sometimes you just gotta keep your head on a swivel, because you never know what could happen

Anyways, traveling alone and living by yourself overseas can have it’s challenges, but it’s also great for building confidence in yourself, and getting better self-understanding

You just gotta make sure you do it the right way, y’all. Hopefully you enjoyed today’s newsletter, and it helps you on your solo travel journey. See you next time.


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