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Surrounded By A*sholes? Reinvent Your Life And Move Overseas!

One of my biggest regrets in life- I spent waaaaay too much time around people who weren’t helping my life, i.e. losers

These losers were like emotional vampires

Their main purpose in life was to try to hold me back, and sabotage my success

You have met some people like that in your life, right?

People who wanted to see you fail, and who took joy in seeing you in pain and despair.

Does an image of them pop into your head? (Please, resist the urge to Hulk smash your phone right now 🤣)

Man f*ck those loser a-holes

When you’ve got these kinds of people in your circle, you are gonna have a lot of low moments

(and you’ll have a shorter lifespan too!)

That’s why I can say that moving overseas was a total game-changer for me.

New country, new you, dawg! It’s hard to explain how good it felt to drop that emotional baggage and bad memories I was carrying for most of my life

Now, I’m NOT saying that moving overseas cured EVERYTHING for me

(I still needed YEARS of self-development to become the big dawg boss that you guys know and love today)

But it definitely made living a happier life waaaaay easier

It’s one of the best first steps to recreating yourself

If you haven’t read The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene….. you probably won’t….because it’s a massive 450 page head-smashing brick of a book!

If you wanna knock someone unconscious, hit them with this book!

No worries, I’ll tell you the chapter of the book that you’ll find most useful for today’s topic

The 48 Laws of Power is a kind of recipe book for helping you get and maintain power in your life.

This “power” can be- power over others, power over yourself, power of the direction your life is going, etc.

Of the 48 “Laws” that the book has, Law 25 “Re-Create Yourself” is what we’ll be looking at today

The gist of this chapter is that the person you were before is not the person you have to be going forward.

You might have been a dork, loser, P*rnhub addicted psychopath…. but you don’t have to be like that anymore!

You can take control of your image, rebrand yourself.

Become the big boss dawg that you’ve always secretly been craving to be

This becomes infinitely easier when you get away from your old environment

And put yourself in a new place with new people. Thank God for airplanes!

There are lots of areas you can improve upon to recreate yourself….

Your fitness, your practical knowledge, your habits, your fashion, etc.

I’ve improved pretty much all these areas

(but there is definitely room for improvement!)

Take a few minutes and think about the areas in your life you’d like to improve

In future newsletters…. we are gonna give your more tools for recreating yourself, living your best life, and making the haters eat sh*t.


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➡️Any other topic that I feel I can give you solid guidance on

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