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I Wish Every American Could Read This

Hey my fellow travelers

Ya know, there is a lot of awesome stuff about being American

We’ve got one of the strongest and most desired passports in the world

The American dollar is the most trusted currency in existence

And, let’s not forget, that good ole’ freedom that everyone is always singing about

Speaking of freedom – it’s my freedom as an American to mind my own business

That means I don’t have to care about or get involved with what is going on outside of American borders

It’s my right to just care about America and American affairs (and I don’t even have to care about that, if I don’t want to! 🤣🤣)

As an American, when you are overseas, you might encounter a lot of people who want to drag you into their country’s political affairs

They might try to blame America for the troubles that their country has gone through

And, because you’re American, they might also throw some of that blame at you

I used to engage with these kinds of conversations, but, these days, I have much less patience for those kinds of conversations

It might also serve you well to not waste energy on these kinds of empty talks (that usually lead to nothing productive)

Remember: it’s not your job to try to save the world, or, even, to try to change the world

But it’s definitely your right to be able to mind your own business, and let people solve their own problems

What do you think? Do you agree? Or do you think it’s your responsibility to get involved with what’s going on in the world?


P.S. I made a video about this and how it relates to the current Palestine conflict. A viewer commented trying to get me to play Superman and save the refugees, but, little did they know that ole’ Danny boy doesn’t have many Fs to give this winter 😂

Click below to watch the YouTube Short