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I Regret Not Knowing This Secret Sooner

Hey my fellow travelers

So a lot of guys see me online eating some AMAZING dishes with my girlfriend, living that romantic international lifestyle, and y’all probably thought my life was always this way, right?

Might need to catch a flight to Italy….

Actually, there’s a lot of stuff in my life from my past that y’all don’t know about, some hard lessons I had to learn to help me get to where I am today

And I’m gonna be straight-up, y’all, I’ve got some pretty BIG regrets in my life.

I’ve kinda kept it a secret about how I stopped making more regrets for myself, but ya know what, I’m gonna give it to y’all, I’m gonna give you the secret, because I wanna see y’all be successful and happy

It’s not actually MY secret that I’m gonna give y’all, because it’s not something that I personally developed myself, but its a secret that my mentors gave me that really helped improve my life

So a problem a lot of people might have is that you’ve got a lot of stuff that you want to do, right?

You’ve got a lot of things in your life that you want to accomplish, but maybe you don’t know how to do it exactly.

And maybe you’re waiting around for more information, or for better timing….

You’re waiting for the right time, that things will magically be better if you just get MORE information, and then you can take action, right?


First of all, you know how we live in this information age, and people are always wanting more and more information about what they should do, what actions they should take

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got over a 100 videos in your “watch later” folder on Youtube, for videos that are gonna give you more information about how to do something

And you’re probably tempted to watch all of those videos, and then start taking action, right?

I’m telling you, that’s a trap!

Look man, it’s easy to get distracted with tons of information, and sitting around planning, trying to make everything perfect before you take action.

But I’ll tell you right now – taking action, and going out there and getting things done, will get you further than planning almost 9 days out of the week

I’m serious – even if you take action, and it’s not really good, you’ll get further than that guy who just sits at home and consumes information all day, and who barely does anything with all of that information

You see, the key word that we gotta think about here is called being proactive.


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The reason that I say I regret not knowing this sooner is because, I’m gonna be honest with you, most of my life I’ve been pretty passive with how I approach things. By that I mean, I usually take the approach of letting things happen as they will, and just going with the flow.

Now, following this method, my adult life has been fairly stress- free. Because I’m pretty good at just accepting what the universe gives me, and seeing everything as a good thing, ya know. Like, I’m very good at lying to myself and making it seem like whatever happens to me was just meant to happen.

Like, if I suddenly broke my leg, I probably would come up with some fairy tell fantasy in my mind about how breaking my leg is one of the best things that could happen to me. I’d probably say “Oh, breaking my leg allowed me to sit down and reflect on life and appreciate everything that I have. Breaking my leg made me appreciate all the good times I had when I had two legs I could walk on”.

You see, I’m pretty at lying to myself

Now, I’m pretty happy with my life, but this approach to life is not very good if you are the kind of person who has big ambitions.

Look, do you want to get somewhere in life man? I mean, do you want to accomplish something that not many people are able to accomplish? Like, making a lot of money, having a happy long-term, relationship, having a good body– whatever it is.

The point is, you probably aren’t gonna get that if you are just sitting around, hoping the universe is gonna bring it to your door step, because you are such a special person. You might even tell yourself “If it’s meant to happen it’ll happen”

No! You gotta get out there and make it happen

One book that talks about the importance of being proactive is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. One concept in the book talks about is The Circle of Influence.

Basically, there are things that you can and SHOULD try to have control over in your life. And, believe it or not, you actually have a lot of stuff that you can have control over, man. You can control the stuff that you read, you can control what you buy, and one of the biggest things you can control are the actions that you take to make your life situation better

Pretty much in every area of your life you can benefit from being proactive. The point is that you want to take charge and be the leader of your own life, rather than letting life and random circumstance lead you around like a little dog

So, for example, my relationship with my girl. Ya know, me and her have been together for almost 3 years. And, for a large part of our relationship, there were things that I wasn’t proactive in handling.

To be straight up…. I’ve been a terrible boyfriend for most of our relationship. I was very lazy about making sure that she’s happy with how things are, that she feels secure in the relationship, that she knows how much I care about her.

I mean, guys, I’ve been SUPER lazy, and it’s caused us both a lot of pain and frustration and anger. Trust me guys, the dog crap has definitely hit the fan more than once during our time together

But, thankfully, I learned from my mistakes, and I’m a much more caring and attentive boyfriend than I was before. And our relationship has improved a lot. Now, we’ve still got problems, things aren’t perfect, but I’m getting better every week, because I’m being proactive at handling problems before they even happen, or before they snowball into a super gigantic problem.

So, a lot of you guys reading this might be classified as chill guys. I mean, you’re the type of guy who has a cool personality, who isn’t one of those wild and crazy guys who is always freaking out about the future, and worried that things aren’t gonna go perfect.

Being a chill guy is great, but it can cause problems sometimes. Because if you are super chill and not worried about anything, you might not be proactive and take the steps to avoid trouble in your life. And you might miss out on opportunities to take your life to a higher level, because you’re just too chill about everything, man

I’ve read a lot of books about happiness, and the person who is happy is the person who is able to be content with whatever happens to them in life, good or bad. But I think a problem that comes with being happy no matter what happens is that it might trick you into being lazy about your future.

I mean, if you are gonna be happy no matter what happens to you, why would you care about being proactive and avoiding problems?

That’s one of the things that was wrong with me, anyways. Being happy no matter what the outcome is kinda drained my desire to be proactive and take more control of my life.

Ya know, misery is actually very motivating, guys. A lot of you who are reading this probably won’t be very motivated to change and improve your life unless you are afraid something bad is gonna happen to you if you don’t.

Well, maybe something bad WILL happen. You just don’t know it yet! So get up off the couch man. Go get it while the getting is good.

You might be surprised how much things change when you grab life by the balls and you squeeze f***ing tight, and don’t let go

All right, that’s all for today

I hope you enjoyed today’s topic

And I hope you avoid making any more regrets in your life. Or, I should say, I hope you avoid the regrets that come from not getting out there and taking action.

Because that’s some of the most painful regret there is. It really sucks