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Alert: You’re About To Make A Mistake!


F*ck anger!

When I think about all the time I’ve wasted in my life being angry about bullsh*t that doesn’t matter…

It would amount to hundreds (or even THOUSANDS) of hours

And you may notice that your anger tends to get higher when the temperature rises….

Anyways, murderous thoughts aside, anger can really slow your life down

There’s a lot of stuff from my past that p*ssed me off, and I’ve ruminated about it a lot

And rumination is a bad habit…I should know, because I’m the ultimate ruminator!

And ruminating about stuff that gets me angry is one thing I’m really good at

Losing control of your anger can really f*ck up your life


Exhibit A: How To F*ck Up A Perfectly Good Life

So let me share with you the steps I take to keep my anger under control

Step 1: Know Your Triggers

Awareness is the first step to solving a problem

So what p!sses you off, bro? You probably already know…

Think about the past kinds of situations that you’ve had before that really got under your skin.

Think about the future and how those situations could happen again.

Step 2: Be Proactive About Planning How You’ll Respond To Your Triggers

You already know what situations make you angry

Now think about the best way for you to handle those situations if you encounter them

Best way = the way where you avoid trouble with the police/stay out of jail

That means you probably want to avoid Bane smashing the other person’s spine in half


That’ll teach em’ a lesson!

The last thing Dixonskii wants to do is see his travel bros behind bars

So let’s opt for choosing peace instead of war

Step 3: Don’t Be Angry About Anger

This step deals with self-acceptance

Now I’m not talking about all that woo woo mystical “love yourself even though you are over 500 pounds and on welfare” BS

I’m talking about owning up to your flaws

Taking accountability

And giving yourself patience as you deal with your emotional problems

Because we’ve all got problems….

But it takes a real G to not run and hide from his weaknesses like a lil b*tch

Just know that the road to self-improvement is a life-long one

You aren’t gonna become the Buddha overnight

So you might as well buckle your seat-belt, and enjoy the (sometimes bumpy!) ride

It will feel like a rollercoaster at time, but you’ll be glad that you stuck it out

Because it’s not about being perfect

It’s about trying your best and making progress whenever you can


Ah, the old Danny….


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