Is the American Bubble Real in the Philippines?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in an ‘American bubble’ while traveling abroad? Well, travel to the Philippines, and you’ll find out! First, let’s talk about the food in the Philippines… Local food in the Philippines has kind of a crappy reputation (it’s generally super salty and sour). You’ll probably prefer to […]

Does White Skin Always Wins in Asia?

When it comes to how white men do with Asian women, I tend to most often hear (from men) that Asian women worship white men and their holy white skin. The general belief seems to be that all you need is white skin, and all of your Asian dating problems will disappear. On the other […]

What No One Tells You About Dating in China as a Black Man

Hey, my fellow traveler! It’s your boy Dixonskii, coming at you from China with some real talk about dating over here, especially for us black guys curious about how Asian women see us. Buckle up, because I’m about to drop some truths that might just shake up everything you’ve thought about this topic. You might […]

Your Beautiful Foreign Girlfriend Wants Money

Yo, yo! Danny here Ya know, there seems to be a lot of (American) guys who have a problem with the idea of spending money on women. One of the main things that you see being advertised by “Passport Bros”/traveling men is how “affordable” it is to date foreign women You might see these YouTube […]

The Freaky Truth About Your Body Overseas

Hey, my fellow travelers! One thing that I’ve noticed is that my health is a LOT better ever since I left America When I was in the states, even though I exercised almost every day, I still felt heavy and sluggish And I also had a lot of mental stress that came from daily responsibilities […]

I Wish Every American Could Read This

Hey my fellow travelers Ya know, there is a lot of awesome stuff about being American We’ve got one of the strongest and most desired passports in the world The American dollar is the most trusted currency in existence And, let’s not forget, that good ole’ freedom that everyone is always singing about Speaking of […]

Should Passport Bros Date Beautiful Women?

Recently, I saw someone post a pretty funny question in the Passport Bros Facebook group: They’re basically asking if you should go for the hot girl who will likely demand more from you (because she has more guys chasing after her) Or should you choose (or, let’s be real, settle for) the less physically attractive woman […]

Finding Freedom in China: An American’s Story

Hey my fellow travelers! As many of you guys know, I’m an American who lives in China. And, when it comes to the concept of “freedom”, I’ve got a pretty unique perspective to share with you about in regards to this big red giant we call China. You might think it’s strange for an American […]

The REAL Reason Why You Can’t Trust YouTube

Hey my fellow travelers So, there’s a lot of fakeness going on in the “Black in China” YouTube space. These guys aren’t really showing the truth about what it’s like living in China as a black American man, so I gotta expose some things. I’m a black American who has been living in China for […]

Will They Betray You?

Hey my fellow travelers So believe it or not, not everybody is your friend when you’re out here traveling. Some people might even pretend to be your friend, and then they stab you in the back when you’re least expecting it Check this out- a few years ago I was chasing after this Chinese girl. […]